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"To Provide Customer Satisfaction Through Quality
Products, Timely Service and Support"

At WaterLink, we strive to provide an integrated program of water treatment with specialized chemicals, metering-delivery systems, monitoring-testing supplies and equipment, along with evaluation, education, training and consulting. Our representatives are dedicated to finding the ideal match of products, feed rates and monitoring frequency for each and every application. Our FIXED COST TREATMENT PROGRAMS let the customer know exactly the total expense of their annual water treatment needs.

WaterLink Inc., a centrally located formulator - distributor of Water Treatment Chemicals and Related Equipment offers FULL SERVICES in the mid-west for Boilers, Cooling Towers and Closed Systems. Additional services include chemical analysis, consulting services, design of feed systems, RO Cleaning, de scaling, (including on-line and off-line clean-up) and individually developed FIXED COST TREATMENT PROGRAMS

Complete "In-House" Formulation capabilities.
Over 75 Years technical and sales experience.
Product development - Private Labeling
Custom blending  and packaging.
Packages  - Liquids, 5's, 30's,  55's  & 330 gal Totes.
Packages - Dry Products, 50#, 65#, 100#, 200# & 400#.
Immediate product shipment/delivery.
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Boiler Water Chemicals,  Cooling Tower Chemicals,  Closed Loop Treatments,  Micro biocides,  RO Cleaners,  Resin Cleaners,  De scalers,  pH Control,  De-Foamers,  Metering Equipment,  Pumps,  Controllers,  Testing Equipment,  Parts,  Consulting,  Testing,  RO Cleaning,  De scaling Services,  Private Labeling, 
Custom Formulating,  Contract Packaging,  Used Pumps/Dispensing Equipment,  Surplus Chemicals